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Exterminator in Portland, OR

Make an investment that not only boosts the resale value of your home in the future, but improves the health of your family in the short-term. Insects and animals of all sizes pose a threat to the stability of your structure and the health of those who inhabit it. When the fleas begin to bite in your sleep and the termites start to creep in the wood, the time is perfect to set up an appointment with an exterminator in Portland, OR, from Golden Eagle Pest Extermination & The Mole Men LLC. As seasons change, so do the dangers to your home or business from wood eating insects to disease spreading rodents. You need an extermination expert who has the tools and knowledge needed to take care of all of the threats quickly.

Don't expose your kids to unnecessary chemicals or try to take extermination matters into your own hands. Instead, call the pest exterminator that uses humane, eco-friendly methods of pest removal. We have a broad array of exterminator services, each one designed specifically to help you get a better night's sleep knowing that nothing is slinking around your home or yard. We know how to safely eliminate everything from termites to rats before they cause untold damage to your home. Reclaim your home and yard today by coming to us for the safe, affordable solution to pests.

Pest Exterminator in Portland, OR

Pest Exterminator Offering Custom Solutions

When you start to notice evidence of unwanted pests on your property, that's when you should call an exterminator. Our team asks you the right questions about exactly what is happening with your pests, allowing us to formulate a plan for each problem you face on an individual level. Get the perfect solution for eliminating any existing roaches or termites you may be dealing with while preventing future infestations for taking over your home. We find the entry points and sources of food that are causing your home to be swarmed.

Even the slightest moisture in your home's structure breeds the perfect environment for wood destroying insects such as ants. Our exterminator services are intended to locate and address not only the ants themselves, but the problems that caused them to appear in the first place. With more than 25 years of experience, we know not only how to get rid of these creatures, but also how to identify the cause of their presence.

Call us today to secure your home against unwanted pests. We are proud to serve Portland, Beaverton, Tualatin, Sherwood, Milwaukie, Oregon, and the surrounding area.