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Ant Control in Portland, OR

Keep yourself safe from the painful, itchy bites of ants by depending on Golden Eagle Pest Extermination & The Mole Men LLC when you require professional ant removal. Ants are a hazard to your property and anyone who inhabits it. Our company offers ant control in Portland, OR, and the surrounding areas in order to effectively mitigate the potential dangers of ants, keeping them outside and under control. Our team has all the equipment, training, and materials they need to give you a number of different options for ant treatment, helping you get rid of everything from carpenter ants to fire ants. We even take care of termites and other troublesome insects.

Even the most well-maintained yards are susceptible to ant infestation since it does not take much of a food source to attract a colony. In most cases, ant problems present an on-going issue that requires the aid of an expert exterminator. The vast majority of ant species pose no serious harm to your health. However, they are extremely annoying and capable of ruining food supplies. In some cases, ants do carry disease, spreading it wherever they walk. Call our professional ant exterminator to quickly remove these pests from your space, properly identifying the species, locating their source, and using the proper methods.

Ant Treatment in Portland, OR

Expert Ant Removal

While most species of insects are a disturbance, there are some that are more annoying than others. Specifically, ants are extremely common all throughout the United States. We are very experienced in exterminating all types of ants, especially the carpenter ant which troubles our area. Our team is dedicated to alleviating your ant woes by using the right pesticides and techniques to eradicate the problem. Don't let this particularly aggressive breed of insect infest your home or business any longer by turning to us for the effective ant treatment you need.

The Benefits of Professional Ant Treatment

Regardless of whether or not a species is harmful, all varieties of ants are highly invasive and therefore extremely difficult to eliminate without using the correct techniques. Ants travel as far as their legs will carry them in order to find sustenance for their colony. If they find food on your land, they won't stop until they find ways to get inside and obtain the nourishment. The ants find the smallest of cracks in windows, walls, and doors in their endless search, honing in on the tiniest morsels and releasing a pheromone to attract more ants. Hiring a professional ant exterminator is the only way to ensure that the ants are taken care of and unable to spread.

Contact us today to get your home free of ants once and for all. We are proud to serve Portland, Beaverton, Tualatin, Sherwood, Milwaukie, Oregon, and the surrounding area.